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  1. Students must enter the school premises before 8 a.m. The gate will be closed for students’ entry at 8 a.m. sharp.
  2. Students are required to wear proper uniform and display their Student ID Cards at all times.

  3. Appropriate language must be used at all times.

  4. Complete abstinence from violence.
  5. Use of motorized vehicles in the School premises is strictly not allowed.

  6. Bullying or ragging is completely prohibited.

  7. High standards of discipline to be followed in the School premises at all time.

  8. All belongings of the students should be carried the child. No delivery of items is permitted in the School.
  9. No student will be allowed to leave the School early, except in case of emergency or in case the student is unwell. Such leave shall be granted on the discretion of School Principal’s approval
  10. Students should not carry any valuable item to the School.

  11. Students are expected to respect the property of others and of the School.

  12. Each class will be responsible for looking after the respective classroom, including any movable items.

  13. No students should scratch/spoil/break or damage any School furniture, write/draw anything on the walls or in any way damage things belonging to others.
  14. Damage done, even accident, should be reported at once to the appropriate authority. Any damage done shall be made good the offender.

  15. No books (other than text books, reference books or library books), magazines or paper must be brought to School without written consent of the class teacher.
  16. The School is strictly against exchange of any article or lending and borrowing of money. In case of any loss caused, the School shall not be held responsible.
  17. It is advised that students at all time must ensure cleanliness and do not litter or throw rubbish anywhere in the School premises or outside it. They must use the bins provided.

  18. The School allows only English as the language to be used for communication within the School premises, except for the time devoted for classes or activities conducted for/in other languages.